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Services & Pricing


  • Guitar/Bass Private Lesson - $20 per session (30-45mins)

  • Tracking - $100 per session (4hours)

  • Mixing - $25 per song

  • Mastering- $100 per album

  • Playing and Producing - Contact Me



130 Protools Certified
Audio for Video Game

Includes Protools 101 certification

Bachelors of Science in Music Technology
University of Saint Francis
Fall 2015 to Spring 2019


Private Instructor
2017 to present

Studio Assistant

Combo Director
Bishop Dwenger High School
2015 to 2018

2016 to present

VP of Art and Production
Marble Lounge Records

USF Music Technology High School Workshop Instructor
University of Saint Francis





Music Theory

Orchestration/Music Direction


Audio Engineering



Problem Solving



Phil Shurger
Professor of Music, USF

Christy Maloney
Bishop Dwenger High School Music Director

Mark Everetts
Studio Manager, USF


Marble Lounge Records

My time at Marble Lounge Records included making a record produced by Rob Mathes (The Greatest Showman, Panic! at the Disco, Bruce Springsteen). As V.P of Art and Production I was put in charge of everything audio. This included recording with the efficiency and quality that Rob has become accustomed, as well as making sure my team was communicating and on the same page.

Depending on the day I was either an unheard engineer making sure everything was running smoothly or working with just a few of the band members in a small group; trying to get the best from them.

Studio Assistant

I was Studio Assistant for both NPR (WBOI) and the University of Saint Francis. At NPR I was mostly utilized as an editing machine. I ended up getting my boss there almost a month and a half ahead of schedule. Other duties included helping write news promos and write out instruction for one of their production studios.

At the University of Saint Francis I installed software, cleaned, troubleshot “broken” equipment, and above all assisted other students. Whether the students need help with their music theory homework, production or needed some motivation/advice.

Combo Director

My work as a combo director was spent mostly with a group of 8-10 high school students, college students, and freelance musicians. The combo was a pop band with a horn section to accompany two different (often unamplified) choirs with two seperate sets of music. I spent time with the group as well as one on one trying to get the most out of them. As Combo Director I also spent time interacting with the other directors and parents of the students.


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I believe that most skills are life long endeavours, meaning; the earlier you start the longer it takes. I have been, and will continue to dedicate my life to music and audio production.

Growing up as a multi-instrumentalist, I was always reaching for more and exploring music. I came to have a palette that includes The Beatles, Genesis, Slayer, Animals as Leaders, Kendrick Lamar, Mos Def, Snarky Puppy, Miles Davis, Conor Oberst, Grizzly Bear, Ravel, Chopin and everything between “world” and experimental music.

Whether I am educating, recording or performing to focus is on creating. Whatever process we go through, whether that is practicing an instrument or recording, its focus should be on producing the best version of itself. I understand that the facility needed to complete different goals are different. A singer-songwriter should be treated differently than a post-punk project or a gypsy jazz ensemble.

Part of what makes music so interesting is that it happens in real time. The performance unfolds in front of you. The performance is the art. “Anybody can play. The note is only 20%. The attitude of the [person] who plays it is 80%”-Miles Davis. I aim to hone in on both the aspects of the player that Miles Davis is talking about from both an educational side and an audio engineering side. To help create and capture meaningful performances is my goal.